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If you've surfed the net in the last few years looking for plant or garden information relevant to Australia (even if you don't live in Queensland), for information about plants that grow in tropical or subtropical parts of the world generally, you've probably encountered the Queensland Gardening Pages published at at has been established as a companion to that site. It will provide a gateway (with an easier-to-remember URL) to the well-established pages at

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Overall, the Queensland Gardening Pages are being developed as a resource for residents of Queensland, both for general information and to help them locate suppliers of plants, materials, services related to lawns, landscaping and horticulture in this state.

While trade professionals can and do use these pages, they are primarily aimed at the home gardener. Whether they're looking for a nursery that stocks heritage roses, someone to remove a large tree, or mail-order orchids, they should be able to to find that information quickly and easily. Money raised through advertising helps fund these websites. More...

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