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Backyard Foodbowl

New (April 2009)

With unemployment on the rise, the need for information about home-grown food becomes more urgent than ever.

There's a massive amount (and growing) about this topic on the internet, but little to address the needs of peole who are total beginners AND in urban areas AND in subtropical/tropical climates AND are more concerned about saving money and general lifestyle issues than ideological/political/environmental issues.

This page (which may eventually evolve into a whole website) is going to target those people. For example, a family living in suburban Brisbane who want to save money by growing as much of their own fruit, vegetables and herbs as they reasonably can while enjoying some of the other benefits of home-grown food (e.g. convenience, freshness, biology and nutrition education for the kids, exercise and recreation). They don't want to use pesticides if they can avoid it (apart from the health consequences, they're a hassle and cost money), and will use organic inputs if they can acces them at a reasonable cost (or better still, for free). However, they aren't organic purists and will use some non-organic inputs such as chemical fertilisers.

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